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Our Company has the experience and expertise to meet these needs, making us the preferred choice for hospital and senior living clients nationwide.


Latest Posts

Finger Pain Treatment

Fingers Crossed - Part 2 - Finger Pain Treatment

Non-stop whining. Incessant screaming. Endless complaining. Ouch! For this retired but still groovy engineer, there is no reason to panic. It …

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Online Finger Pain Management

Fingers Crossed (Part 1) Online Finger Pain Management

It has been a week since the first consultation of my dear Laura with Dr. Smith, her new telehealth Finger Doctor and my personal virtual doctor. In…

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Neck to Neck Battle - Part 2

10:45 am. From the airport, we decided to go home. Instead of visiting a nearby tertiary hospital to get my dear Laura checked by their doctors and …

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Online Doctor for Neck Pain

Neck to Neck Battle

Las Vegas was a blast! Words are not enough. Surprisingly, my knees did not hurt. My back was not in pain. I felt good during the entire 5-day …

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online doctor for lower back pain

My Back in the US

I am back in the US for good. And I am back for more wonderful experiences and amazing adventures with my family. There is no turning back. No …

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Knee pain online doctor

On Bended Knees - Online Healthcare for Knee Pain

Since my arrival in the US from Portugal, I have been feeling some nasty tingling sensation on my knees. Even without really doing anything on a …

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Online Pain Management

Call A Friend - Confessions of A Retired Civil Engineer

I spent decades of my life working overseas as an engineer. A state-of-the-art suspension bridge in Portugal was my last project in Europe. I am …

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Top Physical Activities for Old people

Keeping Up with Your Grandson and Granddaughter

When was the last time you played ball?  Last year?  A decade ago?  Michael Jordan era?  1995?Do you still remember your last …

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Online Joint Pain Doctors

Your Toes, Your Knees, Your Shoulders, Your Neck

Pain is part and parcel of getting old. Inevitable. Undeniable.The older you get, the more pain you will experience. Non-negotiable. …

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Thinking John McEnroe

Common Health Problems in Elderly Life is short.Cliché as it may be, it is a sad and dreadful reality.And often, we make it even shorter. And …

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Never Leave the House Unprotected

Skin Care Tips for Summer and Beyond You don’t have to wait for summer to protect your skin from the sun, especially your beautiful and delicate…

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Searching for Love for a Healthier and Happier Heart

Love for a Healthier and Happier Heart In a survey carried out on 1,025 American adults from Opinion Research Corp. of Princeton, New …

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To Pee or Not To Pee

The urgency to pee is one of the most natural activities for men.  And of course, women.  But this is not about women.The need to excrete…

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Sweet and Salty Make You Happy and…  Unhealthy

Benefits of Less Sugar and Less Salt There is nothing more satisfying than experiencing and enjoying the tastiest, the most delicious, …

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