Call A Friend – Confessions of A Retired Civil Engineer

Call A Friend – Confessions of A Retired Civil Engineer

I spent decades of my life working overseas as an engineer. A state-of-the-art suspension bridge in Portugal was my last project in Europe. I am back in the US to finally retire and enjoy the fruits of my labor with my family. Time to spend my hard-earned money and experience the best that the world has to offer! I know that it will not be a breeze for me and my wife to travel from state to state, from city to city, for the next months and years. I am aware that it can be tiring and painful but fun and exciting. Hopefully not too painful.

But even before I flew back to the US from Europe, I was already starting to feel some tingling sensation across my body. Mornings are usually painful for my knees. Then I would feel a bit of hips pain by noon time. Then some warm feeling at the back by mid-afternoon, beginning from my lower back and would eventually climb to my upper back. My neck would then begin to pain in the late afternoon. That’s always the signal for me to lay down on bed and to rest and relax. Finally in the evening, my fingers’ turn to feel some pain. And this routine of pain would happen almost two to three times a week.

Painful knee but tolerable.
Painful lower back but manageable.
Painful upper back but bearable.
But I am invincible.
But I am indomitable.
But I am unconquerable.
I am. I think I am. I think therefore I am.
So the common pain in older adults that I am starting to experience should not worry me.

For almost fifty years, it was all about my career and my family. I knew from the moment when I decided to marry the woman of my dreams that my life will be dedicated to her, my dear Laura, and the fruits of our love as husband and wife. So I had to work hard, really hard, to the point of searching for opportunities in Europe and Asia. It was never easy to be away from them. It was painful. Actually, it was very painful. But I had to do it. I was a professional. It was imperative.

1970. I was a young civil engineer. The moment I left the university, I immediately looked for a job. I initially accepted small projects from different companies just to get the much needed experience. Then more opportunities came. And I grabbed them. I was fresh and ambitious when I started helping build bridges and roads across the country from California to New Jersey. And I was pretty good at doing my job. I was a topnotch young professional.

1971. I was very young when I got married. I was only 23 years old when I saw this pretty blonde lady at the park. We talked. We dated. After one year, we tied the knots. And the rest was history. No regrets. The best decision I made in my life. Despite my busy schedule and stressful work as a promising civil engineer, I was able to make our beautiful relationship work. We made great music together.

1972. I was very young when I left my family for work. And we just had our first child when I had to fly to Germany for a huge project. I was aspiring to be the best American civil engineer so I embraced the chance to be part of a groundbreaking project in Europe. I could still remember Laura pleading for me not to leave her and my first-born son at the airport. It was a painful sight. But I had to be strong, very strong, for her, for my son, for our future sons and daughters.
I felt really sad when I was away from my wife and my child for the very first time. I had sleepless nights for weeks and I lost my appetite. Even the best and most authentic German Schnitzel could not force me to eat. I was not only feeling emotional pain that time, even my body, different parts of my body, were hurting. I was in pain inside and outside. And I had no one to call. I had no one to really approach in an instance. No one was in Germany to listen to the anguishing me and my languishing pain. I could not call even an online doctor. I could not call a friend.

And this happened for decades.
Same routine. Same typical elderly pain.
Pain inside and outside. Emotional and physical pain.

For years, I have always anticipated the end every year. I would always fly back to the US during the holiday season for four long decades. That was the great escape for many decades. I would savor and cherish every moment that I was with my wife and eventually my four children during Christmas vacations and celebrations. During those times, the pain would subside and go away. I was feeling joy deep in my heart when I was home and experiencing my family for two weeks year in and year out. And these were also the times that I would visit my American doctor for a comprehensive physical examination and some consultation.

And now I am back for good. I am back in the land of milk and honey. I am back in the most powerful nation in the world. And there is no turning back. No scheduled flight back to Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, or Spain. No more return flights for me. I will be spending the next years and decades of my life with Laura, my children and my amazing grandchildren. Exciting times ahead of me and my family. Exciting but painful for sure.

I am no longer young. I am not a young civil engineer anymore. I am not a fresh and ambitious young professional and family man at the age of 74. But I am determined to make this a great journey for us. No more emotional pain for me. No more pain inside me. Because I am now with my loved ones, the most important people in my life, the ones who matter the most. This may not stop me from physically feeling the pain on my knees, and my back, and my neck, and my fingers, and to the many parts of my body. Feeling physical pain is part of the next great journey. And I know that I am not alone. With Laura and my entire wonderful family, no amount of pain will stop me from smiling and laughing.

And of course, I know that I have doctors everywhere to help and assist me. They are there to make this great journey even greater for me. Our doctors now are just a phone call away. Or I can talk to online doctors via video call sitting on my couch. Unlike before in Germany and in Europe for many years at the start of my career, it was tough to have someone to check on me, to listen to me, to examine me, and to evaluate me. Not anymore!

There’s now online pain management doctors!
There’s now an online physicians for all my needs!
There’s now an option to visit doctors virtually for all parts of my body!
I no longer have to visit a clinic or different doctors to check on me while I am in pain! Matter of fact, I can consult one while I am traveling and experiencing the wonders of life with my family anytime and anywhere. Virtual healthcare is real! Yes, virtual providers are just one click away from you.

I will now just have to contact an online doctor for my knee pain!
I will now just have to contact an online doctor for my lower back pain!
I will now just have to contact an online doctor for my neck pain!
I will now just have to contact an online doctor for my painful fingers!
Online doctors can ease, manage, and treat my pain!
And just like a real friend, online doctors are ready to listen!

I can now call a friend anytime, anywhere.

2022. A virtual medical doctor is a medical doctor. A virtual medical consultation is a medical consultation. Virtual healthcare is healthcare. Now this is life with TelevisitMD!


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