Keeping Up with Your Grandson and Granddaughter

Keeping Up with Your Grandson and Granddaughter

When was the last time you played ball?  Last year?  A decade ago?  Michael Jordan era?  1995?
Do you still remember your last visit to the gym?  Inspired by Arnold Scwarzenegger?  Or by Lou Ferrigno?  Maybe by The Six Million Dollar Man?  Perhaps by Mr. Clean?
How was it dancing and swaying with your friends?  To the tune of Dancing Queen?  Or  Let’s Get Physical?  Danced and swayed like Olivia Newton-John?  May she rest in peace. RIP. Amazing woman.

STOP.  And why did you stop?  Back pain?  Arthritis?  Fatigue?  Hypertension?  Heart Failure?  Laziness?
DO NOT STOP.  Carry on!  Move your body!  Shake your booty!  Shake your groove thing, yeah, yeah! 

Dance! Jog! Run! Bike!
If you do not want to rest in peace SOON.
You can remain amazing and fantabulous. YES, YOU CAN!
No excuses!

Yes, it is tough.  It is not the easiest thing to do at your age.  You already feel some chronic pain on your toes, knees, shoulders, and head. There is a barrage of tingling sensation across your frail and fragile body. You always need to check your blood pressure. You always need to monitor your sugar. You always need to watch your diet. And you always find it hard to breathe. It is  harder to breathe nowadays. 

Inhale.  Exhale.  Inhale.  Exhale.  Great job!
Breathe in.  Breath out.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Perfect!

You are no longer Christopher Reeves. You are not fit to wear a royal blue bodysuit like Superman.  No more Up, up, and away! for you.      
You are not Tom Cruise anymore.  You can‘t run as fast and aggressive as Ethan Hunt.  Mission is just Impossible. 
You can’t groove like Gloria Estefan again.  You can’t jam with the Miami Sound Machine.  The end of Conga for you.

What exactly can you do?  What should you do?  And how?
How on earth can a 60-year-old grandma and grandpa stay active and alive?  And live another 60 years?

SIMPLE.  You don’t have to go far from home. You don’t have to find a gym buddy or an aerobics teacher.
EASY.  You don’t have to spend so much money. You don’t have to go to a fancy gym, stadium, or arena.
FAST.  You won’t be wasting so much of your precious time. You can multitask. It is a win-win situation.

Should you do it alone?  No need for a companion?  Isn’t that lonely and boring? 
You shouldn’t be alone.  You can’t be alone.  You’ll never walk alone. 
And as the great King of Pop said, You are Not Alon

PLAY.  Play with your grandchildren.  There are just too many options.  Sky’s the limit!
WALK.  Be with your grandson.  Walk the dog with him at the park.  Do it in the morning for your extra dose of Vitamin D.
DANCE.  Listen to the hip music of Beyoncé.  Or better yet, go K-Pop!  BTS is life.  Dance with your granddaughter.  Work it out!

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine

it’s never too late to get moving.  As an older adult, staying active as you age can work wonders for your physical and mental health, and lead to a longer life with greater independence. Regular exercise can reduce pain, relieve stress, improve sleep, improve flexibility and balance, lower risk for chronic disease and injuries, and increase “good” cholesterol, among many other benefits

If you want to age well, you better start moving NOW. There is simply an overabundance of benefits if you keep an active lifestyle.  A healthy body and mind for you.  And definitely, a healthier and happier relationship with your family especially with your grandchildren. So what are you waiting for?  Let’s start the ball rolling!

Without a doubt, the key to aging well and staying healthy is your grandchildren. Or grandnephews and grandnieces. It can also be your great grandchildren, great grandnephews, and great grandnieces.

It is time to engage and be active with your grandchildren. You should start strengthening your bond with them by hanging out and doing a variety of activities with them. In the process, you become healthier and stronger. So, here are our Top 06 Physical Activities for Old People.

Activities for Old People
Activities for Old People


It may be the simplest and the easiest but it definitely has immense health benefits for you.  Walking can help burn calories, stabilize your blood sugar, and support and strengthen your joints.  And it is for free.

Get out of the house with your grandson and start strolling on the road going to your favorite restaurant.  Or bring your furry friend with you.  Make your grandson walk him at the park as you feel and enjoy the cold and clean breeze of the wind amidst the rich trees and foliage.  And you may even get the chance to meet new friends.  Or maybe a new girlfriend.  Go boy!


Biking is way more intense and rigorous than walking, and it is loaded with multiple health benefits for you and your grandson.  You can primarily improve your cardiovascular fitness and joint mobility, and help you maintain a healthy weight.  If you already have your own bicycle or equipment, you no longer have to spend or pay for anything.  Just exert extra force when you pedal your way to your destination.  Your final destination?  Not yet. 

Again, get out of your house with your grandson and start biking on the road, this time going to your favorite barber or therapist.  Sweat it out!  Biking at the park should be a great option because of the wider spaces, and clean and green surroundings.  Make sure that you go there to bike with your grandson and not just sit on the benches.  And look for girls. Wink.


Gardening is definitely a delightful activity for you and your granddaughter.  This gives you the opportunity to work with nature and brings you closer to the earth which can really help you with your mental health and emotional well-being.   Working with plants, together with your granddaughter, should not be stressful at all.  You can even munch the fruits and herbs that you find.  Yum!   

Go plant your favorite vegetables and plants with your granddaughter, and feel the soil and the greeneries.  Enjoy the outdoors and get dirty.  Do not be afraid to touch the soil and clear the area for better planting.  And never forget your cap or hat to protect you and your granddaughter from the harmful UV rays of the sun.  Or from the rain.  Protection is always the key.


If you want more adventure with your grandson, go further into the woods. This again is more extreme than walking.  But not too extreme.  This is great in giving you a much needed exercise with your grandson as you enjoy the surroundings of a forest.  Perfect for your muscles and joints.  And of course, your delicate heart.  So work it out!  

Go trek with your grandson.  Enter the innermost part of the woods so your grandson loses his mobile phone signal.  This will lessen the distraction.  No calls.  No messages.  No games.  No Netflix.  He will be compelled to bond with you and focus on you.  And same with you.  No pretty girls that will steal your attention.  No time to get naughty.


This is undeniably fun.  And to do it with your granddaughter will make it extra special.  Show your moves.  Feel the groove.  Watch some of your favorite music videos together, from Madonna to Britney Spears, from Donna Summer to Rihanna.  Work, work, work, work, work!  Lower your risk of experiencing cardiovascular  problems.
Start playing the music.  Turn it on!  Louder!  Remember that music makes the people come together.  This is your chance to sway and swing bodies with your granddaughter as you bond together.  Shake it off!  Do not hesitate!  Turn the beat around!  Be the queen of the night, and your daughter, as the princess of the dance floor.  Dance till you drop!


This may not entail non-stop movement.  No need to sweat it out.  Just sit back and relax with your grandson, and start reading a book.  This irrefutably helps in stress reduction.  Stop worrying about many things.  Stop overthinking.  Time to chill with your grandson.

Go grab your favorite mystery book.  Or your beloved romantic-comedy novel.  Or your chosen national newspaper.  Then read with your grandson.  Learn new things together.  Get updated with the latest news.  Solve some problems.  Use your imagination.  And enjoy every moment with him.  Savor every second with your grandson.

Which activity will you try?  Make sure your grandchildren will enjoy it as much as you do.  Do it now!  Every moment with your grandson and granddaughter is precious.  And you can never turn back time. 

Carpe diem.
Seize the day.

To learn more about other healthy activities for old people when you are with our grandchildren or any of your loved ones, call TelevisitMD if you face any health problems!

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