Finger Pain Treatment

Fingers Crossed - Part 2 - Finger Pain Treatment

Non-stop whining. Incessant screaming. Endless complaining. Ouch! For this retired but still groovy engineer, there is no reason to panic. It …

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Online Finger Pain Management

Fingers Crossed (Part 1) Online Finger Pain Management

It has been a week since the first consultation of my dear Laura with Dr. Smith, her new telehealth Finger Doctor and my personal virtual doctor. In…

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Neck to Neck Battle - Part 2

10:45 am. From the airport, we decided to go home. Instead of visiting a nearby tertiary hospital to get my dear Laura checked by their doctors and …

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Online Doctor for Neck Pain

Neck to Neck Battle

Las Vegas was a blast! Words are not enough. Surprisingly, my knees did not hurt. My back was not in pain. I felt good during the entire 5-day …

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online doctor for lower back pain

My Back in the US

I am back in the US for good. And I am back for more wonderful experiences and amazing adventures with my family. There is no turning back. No …

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