Fingers Crossed – Part 2 – Finger Pain Treatment

Fingers Crossed – Part 2 – Finger Pain Treatment

Non-stop whining.
Incessant screaming.
Endless complaining.

For this retired but still groovy engineer, there is no reason to panic. It is always better to remain calm and composed even during emergency situations. It is a must that we take things one step at a time and never be rattled with all the whining, screaming, and complaining of our friends and family members. And one thing I learned during my decades of stay in Europe is that everything can be under control. Things will be better.

But we simply could not stop Laura and Mary from crying. I guess, the pain on their wrists, hands, and fingers were just too much for them to bear. Specially the Finger pain. It was the first time I witnessed Laura weep and scream in the most helpless manner. The closest dramatic encounter with her was when I left for the very first time for Europe decades ago. Without a doubt, that was a scene that came straight from a movie. She was sobbing and yelling out of sadness that the love of her life was about to leave her for work in Europe. I felt her pain and despair then. And I felt that again because of her wrists, hands, and fingers. Poor Laura.

Back in the Hotel. We immediately rushed back to our hotel. Maybe a little rest would do the trick. Again, we felt that there was no reason for us to panic. It was definitely not a matter of life or death for Laura and Mary. We just allowed the two ladies to chill on the ultra soft couches and made them drink a refreshing lemonade. And as we were checking on them, we never noticed their wrists, hands, and fingers shaking or trembling. There were no physical manifestations that could be the cause of their pain. They looked totally fine, but they were in excruciating pain.

In desperate times like this, who you gonna call? And just like before, who can best help for Finger Pain Treatment? 

In Doctors We Trust. Believe! Amen!
In Virtual Doctors We Trust. Believe! Amen!
In Online Doctors We Trust. Believe! Amen!
In Telehealth Doctors We Trust. Believe! Amen!
In God We Trust! Of course. Believe! Amen!

Remembering Dr. Martin Curtis Smith. There were no other options. It was hands down the right decision for us to make. He helped me before. He helped Laura before. He definitely can help Laura again, and Mary as well. But will he be available for a consultation? Will we be able to book a consultation with him ASAP? Will he be ready to receive a call? Will he be the answer to our prayers?

We were hoping for Dr. Smith. Don’t fail us. Please.
We were praying for Dr. Smith. Don’t fail us. Please.
We were counting on Dr. Smith. Don’t fail us. Please.

We finally checked his availability. Hallelujah! We were so delighted to find out that he had an open schedule that afternoon. Without hesitation, we booked a consultation with him. It was easy and fast, no hassle, no frills. The entire process of scheduling a consultation with our chosen telehealth doctor was patient-friendly. We just followed the directions, went through the same routine as before, and then we started to wait for our time with Dr. Smith. And while waiting, we finally had our hearty lunch because we were already starving to death. There were five boxes of New York-style pizza and six buckets of crispy and juicy fried chicken for us to munch and enjoy.

Online Finger Pain Management
Online Finger Pain Management

Moment with Dr. Martin Curtis Smith. And the time has finally arrived. Laura was the first to communicate with Dr. Smith. She shared with the good doctor what she was feeling and experiencing. She described her pain, and pointed out to her now personal doctor as to where the pain started. Laura never ran out of words explaining to the debonair doctor what was wrong with her. And Dr. Smith just patiently and enthusiastically listened to every word that my dear Laura, and later on Mary, uttered.

Dr. Smith was there for my wife. He was also there for Mary. This amazing online doctor has always been there for us. He explained to Laura and Mary that our hands, including our wrists and fingers, are prone to a variety of ailments and injuries. Our hands, wrists, and fingers are bound to hurt. And when that happens, it will be hard for us to continue our daily routine and tasks, and enjoy simple pleasures like shopping in New York.

Lessons from Harvard Medical School. He shared that according to Harvard Medical School’s Harvard Health Publishing, “Beneath the skin, your hands are an intricate architecture of tendons, joints, ligaments, nerves, and bones. Each of these structures is vulnerable to damage from illness or injury. If your hands hurt, even simple tasks can become a painful ordeal.

And true enough, Laura and Mary had a hard time carrying their dozens of shopping bags. That’s why they failed to continue to shop for more shoes, bags, and scarves. Their spirits wanted to spend and splurge some more, but their bodies were already weak and in pain. It was indeed a tragedy for them!

Dr. Smith added that according to Harvard Medical School’s Harvard Health Publishing, “Hand pain becomes common as we get older. Tingling and numbness, aching or locking joints, and difficulty grasping objects are frequent complaints. But don’t make your own diagnosis and suffer in silence. It’s difficult to discern between different types of hand pain. Some have overlapping symptoms…”

And for the two senior but still glamorous and gorgeous ladies, all they could do was accept the fact that they are no longer that young and fresh anymore

Focusing on Finger Pain. What Causes Finger Pain? Dr. Smith added that there are actually many causes of finger pain. It is often caused by bruising or injuring one’s finger. Most of the time, one does not need any doctor to help ease the pain. But of course, a patient can and should never be complacent when it comes to pain and health in general. It is always better to consult a doctor, a telehealth doctor for that matter, especially when one feels extreme pain or chronic pain.

The telehealth doctor shared with the two beautiful ladies a list of the symptoms and possible causes of finger pain from England’s National Health Service, the publicly funded healthcare system in England, and one of the four National Health Service systems in the United Kingdom:



Pain, swelling and bruising, difficult to move finger or grip anything Sprained finger
Pain, swelling and stiffness at the base of
your finger that lasts a long time, may be hard
to move your finger, may have a lump
Tendonitis (de Quervain’s disease) or arthritis
Pain, swelling, cannot straighten the end of
your finger, often happens after catching your
finger on something
Mallet finger
Pain or tenderness in your palm at the base of
your finger, stiffness, clicking when you move
your finger
Trigger finger
Ache, numbness, tingling or weakness in your
fingers or hands
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Sudden sharp pain, swelling, a popping or
snapping sound during the injury
Broken finger

The two alluring and stylish grandmas were terrified upon hearing this from the smooth and trusted telehealth doctor. They wanted to immediately rush to the nearest hospital for x-ray. Suddenly, they were panicking and panting. I just had to appease and remind them to just relax because there is no reason at all to panic.

Dr. Smith concluded that according to Harvard Medical School’s Harvard Health Publishing, Fortunately, almost every hand problem can be successfully treated. Pain can be significantly reduced. Mobility and dexterity can be regained.

Thank you to our Doctor. You are simply the best!
Thank you to our Virtual Doctor. You are simply the finest!
Thank you to our Online Doctor. You are simply outstanding!
Thank you to our Telehealth Doctor. You are simply astonishing!
Thank you to Dr. Martin Curtis Smith. You are simply amazing!

And then we brought Laura and Mary to the hospital for x-ray.

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