Fingers Crossed (Part 1) Online Finger Pain Management

Fingers Crossed (Part 1) Online Finger Pain Management

It has been a week since the first consultation of my dear Laura with Dr. Smith, her new telehealth Finger Doctor and my personal virtual doctor. In fairness to my wife, she has been a very obedient 70-year-old patient. She faithfully and passionately followed all the advice of Dr. Smith. What would you expect from a hopelessly romantic grandmother who is mesmerized and smitten by a tall, dark, and handsome former professional footballer? Of course, no less than 100% compliance! It is always her pleasure and honor to obey the doctor!

Cool with me. Totally fine with me. No problem with me. Not thinking about it. 
I am not bothered. I am not affected. I am not jealous. Not at all.
Matter of fact, I am very happy for her optimism and positivity that she will get better and will no longer feel pain in her neck with the help of Dr. Smith. I support my wife all the way! That’s the spirit, Laura!

I asked her to book Dr. Smith right away. So, she scheduled another consultation with the amazing doctor. The sooner the better for us because we are bound for our next enthralling and exciting family adventure. We want to keep the ball rolling in witnessing and experiencing the beauty and wonders of this country with the entire fam-bam. Hopefully, no more glitches, no more issues, and no more problems this time. We want more memorable vacations for the entire Dawson family!

Therefore, we want to, and we must make sure that Laura gets everything that she needs to manage her neck pain if ever or when the time comes that the dreaded moment happens again. And my dear wife must get a go signal from Dr. Smith to fly once more for hours. Our telehealth doctor must show confidence in her and give her permission. Thus, it is imperative for them to meet again, one-on-one, as requested by her. Fine! Again, I am not jealous. That’s the spirit, Jack!

On Saturday morning, Laura finally got the chance to virtually meet and talk again with Dr. Smith. As usual, my wife was super elated during the entire consultation. From afar, I could clearly see her smiling and beaming with joy and peace the entire time as if she were Taylor Swift singing “Love Story”. There were even instances that she was giggling and chuckling non-stop while listening to Dr. Smith’s reassuring and calming words. I know that my dear Laura is in good hands with this amazing telehealth doctor who has now become our personal doctor. In Dr. Smith We Truly Trust.

Our next destination: New York! The Big Apple! 
Start spreading the news!
We’re leaving today!
We want to be a part of it!
New York, New York!

All our bags are packed. And just like before, we are raring and ready to go! This time, it will not just be with our lovely children and adorable grandchildren. My younger brother Vinny, a retired computer programmer, and his beautiful wife Mary, a retired piano teacher, have decided to join the fam bam to New York. We are all excited to experience the greatest city in the world, to check out its grand and historic hotels, to watch the most extravagant Broadway musicals, to dine in some of the most historic cafes and restaurants, and to be with the colossal Lady Liberty once again. New York, New York, here we go!  

And after a few hours, we have finally arrived. We are now in New York, a concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Here in New York, there’s nothing that we can’t do. Now that we’re in New York, these streets will make us feel brand new. Big lights will inspire us! Let’s hear it for New York!

Online Finger Doctor
Online Finger Doctor from TelevisitMD

We shopped till we dropped! The senior ladies were unstoppable! Or should I say, we window shopped till we dropped! At least for the Dawson brothers, the retired civil engineer and retired computer programmer, since we are the stingiest brothers in the universe. SoHo was like a massive candy land, an enormous theme park, for our two beautiful senior ladies, Laura and Mary! They impulsively bought tons of designer shoes, bags, and scarves. They felt that it was the perfect time for them to spend some of their hard-earned money from decades of hard work. It was their moment! And we never dared to stop them from buying and overbuying. I never stopped Laura. Vinny never stopped Mary. Enjoy, ladies!

And after visiting in and shopping from a few topnotch stores and expensive boutiques, just a few, around 20 of them, our two gorgeous senior ladies were already carrying dozens of paper bags with a variety of items weighing almost four kilos on each of their arms and hands. Heavy. Quite heavy. Really heavy.

Vinny and I offered and insisted on carrying everything for them. But our two independent gorgeous ladies were just too stubborn. They wanted to do things on their own. The two were just dying to feel and look like Julia Roberts’ character in “Pretty Woman”, shopping around and buying whatever they wanted. To be brutally frank, they just really wanted to be seen carrying all those designer paper bags. And we just decided to let them be. No big deal! No biggie! Anything and everything for our lovely wives!

Until they felt some pain. A little bit of pain. Not so excruciating pain.
Until they felt some sensation. A little bit of sensation. Not so agonizing sensation.

Laura claimed that she can manage. Mary also claimed that she can manage. And so, we continued to walk, and to stroll, and to look for other shops for them to visit and check. The two strong senior ladies were simply unstoppable. Proud of you, girls! Proud of you, Laura! Proud of you, Mary! But…

Their wrists began to hurt. Wrist pain. Bearable. Negligible. Carry on!
Their hands began to hurt. Hand pain. Bearable. Negligible. Carry on!
Their fingers began to hurt. Finger pain. Bearable. Negligible. Carry on!

Until the two tired senior ladies exclaimed, “Stop!”. They pleaded for us to stop walking. And so we did. Our two queens’ wishes are always our command. And then we saw tears started to fall from their radiating eyes. One tear. Two tears. Three tears. They tried to smile to appease the two grumpy old men’s growing concern. But they did not talk. They remained silent. They were in finger pain. Too much pain. Ouchy!

Déjà Vu. After my dear Laura’s neck to neck battle against her neck pain more than a week ago, now it’s her wrists, her hands, and her fingers turn! The pain is just too much for her just like before. And Mary, the other half of the hurting senior ladies, is now whining and complaining. Ouchydd! 

Wrist pain. Hand pain. Finger pain. Hope they are not that bad. Fingers crossed.
Wrist pain. Hand pain. Finger pain. Hope that we can ease their pain the soonest with the help of Finger Doctor. Fingers crossed.

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