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Chronic pain can be the result of an injury, illness, medical condition, or its cause may be unknown. chronic pain can cause you to develop emotional problems or physical limitations that impair your relationships, job performance and limit your activities.

Persistent Pain Lasting At Least 3 Months Defines Chronic Pain. It Is Estimated That About 65% Of Adults Ages 65 And Older Experience Chronic Pain. Televisit MD Specialists Have Been Providing Pain Relief Treatment For Patients 65 Years Of Age And Older For More Than 10 Years. We Understand The Importance Of Healthcare For Seniors; Our Providers, Which Specialize In Geriatrics And Family Medicine, Create Personalized Treatment Plans And They Understand That Pain That Comes With Age. Orthotic Braces, Which Are Covered By Medicare, Can Take Pressure Off The Part Of Your Joint Most Affected By Arthritis And Help Relieve Pain To Help You Stand And Move Around With More Confidence.

Start Living Comfortably

  Experiencing Pain Related To Injury, Arthritis, Age

  Have Not Received An Orthotic Brace In Last 5 Years

  65 Years Of Age Or Older

  ​Active Medicare Part B Coverage

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With TelevisitMD pain specialists, effective pain treatments are available. We understand chronic pain, have experience treating pain similar to yours, are willing to talk and listen to you, and are willing to speak with your family. Treatment for chronic pain may include: 

  Pain relief medications, such as Ibuprofen and Naproxen, which also reduce inflammation.

  Steroidal drugs, for more serious inflammatory conditions.

  ​​​Orthotic Bracing to provide support and stability.

  ​Lifestyle changes, such as losing weight or exercising.

  ​Working with our Physical Therapists.

  ​Find relief from acute or chronic pain with our comprehensive, team-based care.


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Our Company has the experience and expertise to meet these needs, making us the preferred choice for hospital and senior living clients nationwide.


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