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The Dual OA Reliever

MODEL #: KB0104-147L- XX/KB0104-147R- XX

HCPCS: L1845/L1852

Product Features and Benefits

  • Double upright designed in conjunction with flex-hinge to unload the medial and lateral compartments of the knee, helping to promote normal joint movement and reduce pain.
  • Lightweight construction improves comfort for longer periods of wear
  • Adjustable straps with "free flow" buckles for superior comfort and fit
  • Valgus and Varus adjustments to fit individual alignment
  • Anti-slip padding provides for a more comfortable fit and increased wear ability


The Dual OA Reliever provides added stabilization for knee strains, sprains, and small tears. Helps to relieve pain associated with ligament injuries of the ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL, and mild to moderate arthritis.


Provides stability for treating mild injuries of the Collateral ligaments, Menisci and Patellar retinaculum in addition to support and relief for Chronic knee pain or instability, Loose body in the knee, Cartilage or Meniscus tears of the knee, Sprains and strains of the knee and Old disruption of the anterior cruciate ligament. ROM hinges have Extension/Flexion and Varus/Valgus control settings.